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Rainbow Eight-Note Chime Walls

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Stimulate the mind through music as kids play melodies on colorful, musical chimes!

Vivid Rainbow colors attract kids as they race over to play music on the chime wall. Chimes in various colors develop kids' memories as they attempt to remember which key makes which sound. They also improve their dexterity and coordination while using 2 attached mallets to hit the chimes.

Aluminum chimes are powder-coated and tuned to the F Major Diatonic scales. Purple recycled plastic frame is durable and easy to clean. Waterproof construction is ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Available as Freestanding (36"H) for stationary use, or Mobile (38"H) with 4 casters for easy relocation. 45"L x 24"W; 49 lb. Ages 2 to 12.