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Rainbow Hop-Along Bouncers

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Burst-resistant design makes these kids inflatable hop bouncers the safest on the playground!

One-of-a-kind brightly colored ride-on bouncers are the most durable on the market—burst resistant up to 600 lb and designed to deflate slowly and safely if punctured. Coupled with an extra-thick shell, these bouncers are designed to hold up to any surface, from gym floors to pavement and beyond. Fully-enclosed handles give students a firm grasp on the bouncer, while a textured seat and bottom allow for the best performing hops!

Children will love increasing their balance and muscle strength while bouncing. Bouncing not only strengthens fine and gross motor skills through balance and coordination, but encourages natural conversations and teamwork to occur.

With 6 Rainbow colors, activity ideas for the whole class are endless. Set up team relays by color to keep excitement high, or race bouncers around the gymnasium or a course to see who the fastest color is at the finish line. Have students hop in place for endurance, hop side to side for coordination, or navigate obstacle courses for dexterity and agility.

Proper size keeps kids comfortable and encourages proper form while bouncing. Choose the size(s) that best fit the needs of your program:

  • X-Small - for users up to 100 lb/32"H
  • Small - for users up to 150 lb/45"H
  • Medium - for users up to 200 lb/60"H

Rainbow Hop-Along Bouncers are available in Rainbow Sets of 6 or Individually in Blue. Ages 3 to 12.

  • X-Small, 12" dia (Blue only)
  • Small, 18" dia
  • Medium, 24" dia