Rainbow IntroFit Sandbags

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Colorful, smaller kids bags get beginners moving sand!

Move sand and move minds toward success! Lighter weight and multiple handles make it easy for younger kids to successfully train with sandbags! Pre-filled bags with inviting brightly-colored covers are durable and won't let sand escape, crucial for gym classes. Designed with beginners and younger students specifically in mind, the construction of these these kid-sized sandbags will endure tough wear and tear. The pliable cover is soft to the touch and non-intimidating, however it's ruggedly designed to stand up to constant handling, continuous reps, and institutional abuse without faltering. Grip points and handles around the bag give children a feeling of control as they work on form and strength. Laminated exercise guide includes 6 easy-to-follow sandbag workouts to encourage participation.

Learning technique and training routines helps children naturally build social and emotional skills as they gain confidence. Gripping sandbags and using body movements to propel the bags enhances fine and gross motor development in a thrilling way!

20"L x 7" dia. Set includes six 6 lb bags. Ages 4 and up.