Rainbow UltraGrip Big Bat/Ball Sets

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Unit:  Set of 6
Foam bats allow beginners to learn safely, included in a foam baseball set.

Play like a star using foam! Our softest, high-density foam bats are safer than wood or aluminum and more durable than other foam bats, great for young learners in the school or child care setting. Weighted bats are slip resistant for maximum performance while still being easy to swing. The foam used on our UltraGrip bats is softer and without the hard outer shell found on the Soft-Stix bats, providing an even slower exit speed for safe hitting for even tiny batters. The high-density foam allows the bat to stand up to contact over and over again, giving it a durable edge.

Fine and gross motor skills hit it off as kids use a variety of bat grips and upper body strength to swing and make contact with the ball. During play, social and emotional development excels while working as a team and cheering on peers.

Barrel available in 24"L. Rainbow UltraGrip Foam Baseball Bats are available in Rainbow Sets of 6 (6 bats/6 balls) 24"L. Ages 3 to 10.