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Rocky River Activity Set

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Oversized board game keeps kids moving as they climb up rocks and slide down waterfalls!

Roll the large dice and see where you land on the gameboard! If kids land at the bottom of a large rock, they climb to the top to advance in the game. If they land at the top of a waterfall, they slide down it and go backwards on the board. Land on an animal for a surprise like hopping ahead 2 spots with a bunny or jumping in place 5 times because they landed on a snake.

Use the mat in a large indoor space, or take it outside and use your own stakes in the grommets to keep it firmly in place. Green and white checkered mat includes 100 spots, leading to lots of fun that keeps kids active. Large, foam dice are lightweight for easy use. Dice also teach kids about numbers and probability. Set includes mat (10'L x 10'W), a pair of 6" Big Foam Dice (blue), and activity instructions. Ages 3 to 6.