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Science Exploration Pack

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Everything children need to become junior scientists with real experiments!

Introduce children to the wonders of science with this educational pack filled with science toys for kids! They can throw on children's lab coats and expand their cognitive development performing 20 simple experiments while learning about cause and effect. Grasping ingredients and placing them carefully into bowls helps children refine their fine motor skills while also broadening their sensory development. They can even record their findings in an included dry-erase journal!

Take dramatic and imaginative play out of this world while learning about astronomy! An included projector displays images of stars and planets on the walls or ceiling to teach children about outer space. If you want a lesson plan to focus on another subject, simply change the disc in the projector to learn about different animals.

Pack includes a science lab set, projector, and projector discs about astronomy and animals. Science Lab Set also sold separately. Ages 3 to 10.