Sensory Match Set

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Children match textures between their hands and feet with textured rubber discs.

Bring pleasant sensory experiences into the classroom or child care center! Bright and inviting discs invigorate the sense of touch on little hands and feet as kids hold small discs and step on large discs. Play a stimulating game as children match the texture of the small disc in their hands to the one felt by their feet, sure to increase descriptive vocabulary and turn taking. Add a new challenge by giving blindfolds to children, allowing them to use their memory to remember disc by feel, the options are endless!

Sensory development grows as children strengthen fine and gross motor skills. Cognitive skills excel during memory activities, also encouraging social and emotional development.

Pieces constructed of rubber. Complete set features both Set 1 and Set 2 combined. Each individual set included 2 sets, each with 5 different tactile designs. Small Discs approx. 4.5 inches, Large Discs approx. 10.5 inches. Large discs support up to 125 lb.

Ages 2 to 8.