Single Water Trough

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Simple connection and single flow provides continuous play with a kid's water play table!

Splish splash your cares away with a fun water table! Connect a water hose to the water trough for continuous water play - one water trough comes with 2 dividers to change up the flow of water and help children learn what happens when a path is blocked, ideal for fun play at child care centers. Commercial drain at the end prevents water from leaving the trough during play, but allows for easy draining when play is done or during play. Water can be drained straight into the ground or into a bucket for reuse.

Environmental awareness trickles during play as children explore water, enjoying sensory development with cool and wet textures! Fine motor skills are enriched during scooping, pinching, and pouring water and cognitive skills soar through learning cause and effect play as toys float and sink.

Made in the USA out of recycled lumber. Assembly required. 4'8"L x 1'2"W x 3'H; 132 lb. Ages 2 to 5.