Step Challenge

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A fun, safe, changeable challenge!

Step up the excitement and step up the action! Children can move any of the 18 different durable foam 'step' pieces into any number of configurations using the Step Challenge. The different shapes improve balance and stability and stimulate the bottom of the foot (when barefoot or in socks), ideal for schools or child care centers. No need to worry about warm days, these high quality foam pieces are waterproof, humidity proof, and acid proof for endless enjoyment.

Gross and fine motor skills improve with strengthening the development of muscles and promoting the correct stepping mechanism. Sensory skills and cognitive development excel as the nerves of the soles are stimulated and high-end thinking occurs during route planning.

Made out of durable foam. Includes 6 incline wedges, 6 concave-curve wedges, 6 convex-curve wedges and 20 flat interlocking tiles to create a soft, perimeter to hold the wedges in position. Wedges are 9½"L x 5"W and flat tiles are 9½"L x 9½"W; 24 lb total.

Ages 2 to 8.