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StudyStep Balance Beam

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Take a big step forward while balancing on a beam and learning about the alphabet, numbers, and shapes!

Each side of the 3-section balance beam for kids features a set of graphics that focus on a particular lesson. One side includes the alphabet, flip the entire beam over to count from 1 to 30, turn it again to walk along footprints and learn about colors, and flip it once more to review various shapes. Shapes include circle, rhombus, triangle, square, parallelogram, trapezoid, oval, star, and hexagon. All graphics are printed on the cover, ensuring they won't peel off.

Foam beams feature a durable, antimicrobial cover that withstands consistent use by little feet. Use the 3 beams separately to focus on particular letters, numbers, and shapes or connect them using the hook-and-loop fastener ends. Beams are lightweight and easy to store. Supports up to 100 lb. Each beam is 3'L x 3"W x 3"H. Connected beam is 9'L; 4 lb. Ages 2 to 10.