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Throw N' Play Set

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Tic, tac, throw to get 3 in a row on an upright beanbag toss game board!

Start by creating 2 teams and providing each with beanbags in their color. Players take turns tossing beanbags, trying to land them in 1 of the 9 mesh pockets on the giant tic-tac-toe target. The goal is to get 3 in a row either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. If a player throws a beanbag into a pocket where their team already has one, they remove and use it on their next throw. The first team to get a tac-tac-toe, wins! You can also play until a team gets a beanbag in all pockets or put an emphasis on accuracy as players aim for only the 4 corners.

Target features a lightweight, ABS frame for dependable durability. Quickly attach the nylon tarp via hook-and-loop fasteners. A multiuse, clear vinyl pocket on the front of the target provides a convenient spot to keep score or display team names and game rules. 5-1/2" sq beanbags have a soft, yet durable cotton cover that's friendly and long lasting. Use indoors and out. Assembly required.

Set includes 1 target (33"W x 48"H; 7 lb), 24 beanbags (12 ea red, blue), and activity instructions. Ages 3 and up.