Tobbles Balancing Spheres

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Meet cognitive milestones as children explore colorful, creative stacking and balancing using stacking balance spheres.

Topple while you toddle! Children can explore visual-spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination as spheres balance, nest, stack, and spin on each other during tabletop play or recess in the classroom or child care center! Six unique weighted pieces spin and spin for visual exploration and geometric skill learning.

Colorful and textured pieces reinforce color recognition and encourage sensory exploration as children feel grippable textures and curves. Introduce physics and visual spatial cognitive skills as well as fine motor development with each wiggle, stack, and roll.

Made with ABS plastic. spheres include 6 pieces. Stacked: 4.5"L x 4.5"W x 12"H; 2 lb. Ages 2 to 8.