Whally Board

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Tactile surface and molded-in grooves enhance children's senses on the whale balance board.

Have a "whale" of a good time on a whale balance board! Pretend to swim side to side or forward and backwards with friends, a great addition to any child care center or school. Inspired by a fish, this textured board has waves and bubbles on the surface to attract and inspire children's imaginations. Sit or stand on this ergonomic balance board, the grooved design helps keep little fingers from becoming pinched. Use this board to offer a variety of waves using a 3D design and play on the top side for even more core control! A fun way to incorporate movement during sea creature inquiry or playground equipment, this board is ready to ride the waves!

Sensory skills float toward success as children engage fine and gross motor hands and leg muscles to rock the board in various directions. Discussing whales and body positions enriches cognitive development in an exciting setting.

Made out of molded plastic. 24-1/2"L x 15-1/2"W x 6-2/3"H; 3 lb. Supports up to 130 lb. Ages 2 to 8.